Connecticut Session Photographer

  “I only shoot what the camera sees.


This may be true, but Connecticut session photographer Heather Garrity has an undeniable talent for making ordinary and mundane scenes into stunning and beautiful works of art.


Based out of Hartford, CT, Heather has been photographing friends and family casually for nearly twenty years. While her primary medium is digital, she does delve into traditional film for a more classic look using cameras that are, as she describes them, “the older the better."


Heather’s photography takes her everywhere from theatrical spaces to the great outdoors, and her subjects include babies, children, teens, adults, families, couples and brides.


Her laid-back and relaxed demeanor put those on the other side of the camera at ease, leading to her signature style photograph – one that is real and natural, the one you can’t wait to show off to everyone you know.

"Making the world smile, one person at a time."